Anonymous asked:

could you talk more about your experience in Vic Hall? I'm really curious!

Well I really lucked out because I ended up with a great floor that hung out with each other a lot. I was in one of the C wing rooms, which had its advantages and disadvantages. At times you felt a bit left out of the floor shenanigans because you weren’t there all the time, but you it was also easier to meet other people from other wings or just C wing in general. Vic Hall is a party rez for sure given the central location and amount of residents. But if you are worried about the noise it really isn’t that bad (especially in C wing), but then again I lucked out with a good floor. 

Given it’s party status, Vic gets pretty gross on the weekends. I don’t know if this still goes on but in my year people thought it was hilarious (?) to punch the ceiling tiles and make a mess everywhere. Some mornings I would wake up and an entire hallway would have holes in the ceilings. There will also be garbage in the stairwells, puke in at least one of the bathrooms and for some reason people ALWAYS SPILL THE DAMN KETCHUP in the stairwells that they get from the Lazy Scholar (the cafe in the basement). Speaking of which, Lazy is the best part of living in Vic. You will never going hungry having Vic downstairs and it helps change it up from constantly eating caf food. In addition, again because Vic is such a big rez and the vibe is more laid back I found the dons to be as well. You could get away with a lot more and not be worried about little things like having your music too loud etc. 

I found Vic to be a very social residence where everyone (for the most part) wanted to meet other people. You could easily travel between floors and meet a whole new set of people. At least from my experience I found that other residences especially Watts or Leggett, most people kept to themselves. But again this depends on your floor. 

Overall I really enjoyed living in Vic. I know it’s cheesy and I bet you’ve heard this already but res is really what you make of it. 

If you have any specific questions about Vic Hall let me know!